Friday, March 20, 2009

What can you do for your kids?
This week I went in a business trip to Atlanta, before I left, my daughter Bryanna, ask me to take her "dog" with me, so , I can remember her during the trip.
Myself and Felipe hit the road after the lunch, and I decided that I was going to take pictures of the "dog" during my trip, like that TV add from ATT.
I have to confess...was a lot of fun. Was fun to see the people starring at us, while we caring the "dog" around, and I was given that "nobody believes" excuse: It my daughter's puppy.
I am posting the pics below so, you can enjoy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

NEW SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally after almost two months I did a makeover on my site.
I change few things like the background color, song, and of course pictures.
I hope I will be posting more frequently.
Please fell free to send me your comments.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tomorrow is Mother' Day and I want to say thank you and honor some mothers that God has put in my life. The first one is My mom, she is the one that brougth me to life, she is the one who did teacher me about right and wrong, who show the moral principles, but, she also is the one who corrected me, discipline me and even after all those things shows love and care with me. Dona Mavete, I love you so much, for everything you have done for me.

The second one is my wife Carla, who has been a partner for the last 18 years, since we started date at the university back in Brazil, she is the one that stands by me, supporting me, loving me, and make me think twice about so many things, she also the mother of my daughter, the most precious gift God has give to me, the reason of so many laughs for us. Carla, I cannot do what I want to do for you today, but I keep loving and praying for God give to us, more and more mother's Day together.

The Third one, you are not going to believe, but is my Mother in Law, even some times we had disagreed in some points, I really appreciate everything you have done for me and for my family, I am big fan of yours, because of you courage, will and love with your loved ones.

For you three I raise my voice to heaven and praise God to have put women like you in my life.

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why kids don't come with a owner manual? It's simple they don't belong to us...they are gift from God, and we have to learned how to take care of them.
Today I had no so good day. but I tried to be glad to be alive... One of most enjoyable thing for me is when I get home, I love to be with my wife and daughter, even when I not with them, but I am IN the house, you get it.
I wish I could know how to pleased them more often, but is its hard, I have no clue what is going on in their minds, but for sure I do love when my wife say to me I LOVE YOU, when my little one, comes calling me daddddddddddddddddddddddddd, I really do when I know they are around and close to me.
But some times I do have to put some discipline on my little one, and I hate when this happen, I don't like to correct her with pain , but some times, seems its the only language she understands, but every time I do, I feel terrible, so what to do?
I have no Idea, I just try to do the same things that my parents did to me, and hopping its going to work as been working for me.
I wish me life was just stay with them, but I do have to make a living, I do have to work, and right now I am working almost everyday.
So when I get home, my mind still on the job, and I know this is not good, but I can't let it go...
I just hope they can one day understand.
Carla and Bryanna I do love you guys.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I had a amazing x-mas with my wife, daughter and friends, were two busy days, but we really enjoy every single moment.
But at the same time I was kind of sad, I miss my family, my mom, sister, brother and the rest of the family, I miss my dad a lot, if he was alive, his b-day was on x-mas eve. But he left us in 1994, and I wish I have more memories about him. I watched Bryanna, when she was opening the gifts, and I remember waking up in the morning looking for my gifts when I was little. Those memories are priceless...why everything is about making money.... I know we have to make a living but for what price?
Enjoy every moment of you life. Don't be to hard on yourself, on your kids, wife,husband and always remember about JESUS, the real meaning of X-Mas!!!
Have memories that last forever.
Remember the ones in need, with no food, clothes, toys, home and other things that we have and some times we do not realize how blessed we are.
Feliz Natal

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Thanksgiving week is over, and I realized I wasn't thankful enough for all the things God gave to me, and I want to use this space to fix it this.

I want to be thankful for my family, My Mom Mavete, My Dad Reginaldo, my brother Robinsom, my sister Juliana. Each one of you have a great part in my life, I was raised with love, care. Many times I did not value the things you guys did for me. I really miss the opportunities that I had to say thank you to you all, and I just missed... I can not go back in my life, but I can change the way is my life now. Mom I do love you so much, my brother, you are a inspiration for my life, a teacher, my sister Juliana, God gave to me a wonderful little person when I was 12 years old, some times I close my yes and I can see that little girl, thank you for been a part of my life since that moment.

But now I am a grow up man, and I do have a family on my own, and for that family I have to be thankful to God. Carla, my wife, I am your big fan, you are amazing wife, mother and partner. I admire you when you are able to care for our daughter 24/7 , most of the time giving up your own life, your dreams, wishes and so many things. Looking at you now, I can understand so many things that my Mom said in the past, you as her, are the most amazing women I have met.

My daughter Bryanna, what can I say about you, without crying, laughing, smiling and remembering all the things you do. I love when you call me DADDY, when you kiss me, hug me, even when you are not behaving, but I do love you. Your eyes, smile, funny faces everything you do amazes me.
I love when you posse to me, I love take pictures of you, but what I like most: is seeing you growing up, I can see, that you are learning something knew every single second of your life, Daddy loves you.

I want to say thank you for the rest of my family including Carla's family, your guys are so supportive with us, maybe one time I was unable to express how I was thankful for Carla's mom and brother, but, I was for sure. I really appreciate everything you did for me and for my family.

I also want to be thankful because I do have a job, a house, food on the table, friends, I can go back and forward, I can be myself.

And for last, but not because He is the last person in my life, but because without Him, I am nothing.
God, Lord, Jesus, doesn't matter the name, but the person, You are the One, who gave to me all the things I do have today in my life, You gave your Only Son to die for me, I do not deserved this and all the things that came after him. Thank you Very Much God.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hi...I am back. I just read Mike's ( blog and I was having the same feeling about him and myself. Today I had a great, amazing time with Carla and Bryanna, and I realized that family it is the most important thing on life after God. But, the fact that we are so vulnerable to the day basis needs, make us forget about God and Family. Every Day we are bombed with the thoughts of making our living, that we forgot about the Grace of God and the support of our family.
I started thinking and found out that I didn't post anything about Bryanna's first day at school, she is growing so fast and some times I am missing the some of the most important thing in our family story.

I love her and Carla so much. Carla has been a warrior for the last couples months, taking care of the house, Bryanna and myself, some times I asked myself where she can find strength to do all the things she does. This past week she got her fingerprints done, and I hope she will be working soon, I am looking forward to see her doing something else. I wish one day can do what she loves.

I miss my family back in Brazil, mom, sister, brother, nephews, in laws, friends and much more. This week God is giving the gift to have my brother( in my home, even if is only for two days, I will try hard to enjoy every second of it.

I am working hard for the last couples weeks even attend trade shows with my company AmericanBraz, this hard work needs to pay off.

I will be posting some pictures now.

Bryanna's first day at schooll

Bryanna's first day at ballet